Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoon

Rarely does a week pass by as fast as this past week seemed to go!  It has been very cold here in wonderful Minnesota but the sun has been shining.  I had plans to work on creating beautiful things on Friday but ended up dealing with house issues.  We spent Saturday looking for eagles and enjoying the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, MN, and managed to get some great pics!

We really enjoyed seeing the eagles in the wild and in the National Eagle Center.  Very beautiful and regal birds.

Today we had the typical turkeys in the yard but then I noticed this odd misfit off to the side and discovered it was a ringed neck pheasant!  First one we have seen in our backyard.

I just LOVE seeing birds in our backyard, especially when they are unusual!

I have done a bit of art today, trying to keep the sketchbook challenge moving forward.

I really wanted to play with putting red and pink on the background of my sketchbook, wondered where it would lead.  I had NO idea I would end up with Fly and Sing but so it goes!  Fun to just be able to play with art and not have to have any scripted outcome.

Often it seems that the work we do, the conversations we have and even the simple little activities we engage in seem to have to lead to something greater - either a accomplished agenda or a yearned for prize or recognition.  I am working to Embrace my Bliss--focusing on the ABC's - awakening to the spirit, bringing joy to others and creating from the heart.  Some days it is really easy to feel like I have been intentional about the ABC's but other days, I feel out of touch!

I was "chaplaining" at the hospital on Thursday and met with three pregnant moms who are all on bed rest.  I was really struck by the strength of these women.  They are vastly different and yet each is finding their way to make peace with their lack of control in their circumstances.

One woman has a husband and three other children out of the country and yet she was quoting bible verses to me about how God doesn't give us more than we can handle and that along with the suffering, we are given the strength to endure.

Another woman was telling me how grateful she is for skype because she can say good night to her 18 month old who is 2 hours away with her husband. She was tearful as she described how hard it has been to spend the last 2 months away from her son and husband but knows their future depends on her ability to be in the hospital and "allow this baby to grow."

The third mom was a teen and was going outside for a cigarette when I stopped in her room.  I asked if she or her boyfriend needed anything and they requested a King James bible.  I was stunned!  I don't get too many requests for a bible and certainly didn't expect these teenagers to want a King James version!  The dad says he finds encouragement and strength in reading the bible and wasn't able to bring his to the hospital.  Coincidently, one of the other mothers had an extra King James version which I gratefully passed on to the couple.

I once heard someone say that "coincidence" is when God decides to remain anonymous.  Once again, the people I visited brought ME joy and for this, I am grateful.

On a different note, I am registered in the state of Minnesota to marry people.  I have presided at one wedding for a couple 5 years ago in the neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU) who wanted to be married in the presence of their son who was not expected to live.  I am happy to say that their son will turn 5 this spring!  It was a lovely ceremony and the only marriage ever held in the NICU!  I felt very honored to have presided at their marriage.

I was recently asked by a woman if I would marry her and her fiance.  They are having a "destination wedding" out of the country but have found it too difficult to legally be married in that country so they want a simple ceremony here first.  I met with the couple today at our house and will preside at their wedding ceremony on Tuesday, 1-11-2011.  Pretty cool day to be married!

To see the hope and joy this couple expressed was inspirational!  I was also struck by how different they are from Bill (my husband) and me who just married 11-04-10.  Many of the details are so very different from us and yet the same commitments are made:  to love and respect one another.  I am honored to be presiding at their wedding this week.  It is also my mothers 67th birthday and she is celebrating with my dad on a trip to Las Vegas!

Wishing everyone a week of embracing your bliss!  May you have time to awaken to the spirit, bring joy to others and create from the heart!

Susan, Blissfully!

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Thank you so much for this arlitce, it saved me time!

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