More Art Stuff

More Art Stuff

Always more things to create!

I have been reading about the Noodler ink that is bulletproof, meaning you can paint and such over it and it won't bleed.  I am falling in love with my fountain pens and inks!  I just started with a circle and added whatever came to me, various doodles and such.  Randomly added acrylic colors and viola!  My little mandala.  I know there are guidelines for mandalas and this may not fit the bill, but it sure was fun making this and using all the great acrylic colors.  I am wondering why I waited until age 46 to try acrylic paints??  They are really easy to use.

DH Bill and I were down at the Mississippi River last week and we were engulfed by all this snowy mist.  It was pretty amazing actually.  He took a pic of me sitting on a bench looking over the River--which you can't see because it is so misty snowy.  We also did a video where I stood in one place and turned 360, you could not even see beyond a couple feet.  It was pretty magical actually.  We did manage to see a few bald eagles when the mist cleared for a couple minutes and then poof!  They were invisible again.  We have some awesome photos from this day and I will post more of them in my flickr album but I wanted to add this pic to my sketchbook because it reminds me of serenity.  Peaceful even though I can't see very far and yet "warmed" by the sun (of course this day was probably 5 degrees so warm is relative here but the concept is good!).

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I hope you have a day filled with awakening to the spirit, bringing joy to others and creating from the heart!

Blissfully, Susan

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def. Bliss: -noun Supreme Happiness, Utter Joy/Contentment; the Joy of Paradise!