Day 5 - Let go and Let God

Day 5 - Let go and Let God

August 5!  The challenge with committing to blog everyday is not knowing if there will be inspiration to keep it moving! Well, this afternoon, while sitting at my desk pondering what to write, I noticed a deer walking through the back yard!

  So I watched her for a minute, snapped a picture and wondered what she was looking back at--and then I saw: a fawn!

 I love seeing the baby fawn---but that wasn't all!!  A few seconds later, along comes another baby fawn, white spots very visible!

  Hard to see the but there were two baby fawns and the mama doe right in our back yard, chomping on the plants I moved from my Minneapolis house!  

I video recorded the three of them and posted it on the facebook Embracing Your Bliss page --and just posted it here!  Didn't know I could do that -how cool!!  It is so beautiful to see this mama doe with her two baby fawns, just passing through the yard right as I sitting at my desk waiting for inspiration!

As I watched this doe and her fawns, I remembered a day about 12 years ago. I was on my way to teach a management class one morning, driving in my Lebaron Convertible with the top down (long since retired!).  I pulled onto the Theodore Wirth parkway in Minneapolis and I saw a mama doe and two fawns, very much like those in my yard today. I stopped to watch them graze along the parkway.  It was a beautiful morning and I remember feeling so grateful that I "happened" to drive the scenic route rather than the freeway.

As I stopped at the light, a woman pulled beside me with her window down.  I asked her if she noticed the doe and fawns. She was clearly choked up and teary eyed.  I wondered if I should not have asked her but then she said, "I am a doctor and just delivered twin girls who died.  It was a gift to see these twin fawns  with their mom and be reminded that life keeps on moving, the circle of birth and death."  

As I watched the doe and fawns today, I am reminded of all the babies I have encountered in the neo-natal intensive care unit, some that have lived and many that have died.  Yes, life does keep on moving but we can always be certain that death will never go away.  St Benedict, in his Rule, writes about always keeping death before us.  This can sound rather morbid but when I remember to be present everyday, keeping death forever on my mind, it makes me appreciate what is happening in the moment and to be grateful.  After all, there really all no guarantees that we will be here tomorrow...

Today's gospel verses from Matthew 16:24-28 that captured my attention are "What profit would there be for one to gain the whole world and forfeit his life?  Or what can one give in exchange for his life?"  I was struggling to find a way to write about it, while looking out my window from my desk when in walked the doe and fawns.  I checked out The Collegeville Bible Commentary to see what it has to say and I like it.  They write, "The sayings in verses 25-26 revolve around the theme of life and suggest that only in letting go of self and letting God do the guiding can we ever find freedom and happiness."  This gospel section is called, "The discipleship of the cross."  

May we all remember to let go of ourself and let God do the guiding, remembering the promise of freedom and happiness.

Blissfully, Susan

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