Be still, and know...

Be still, and know...

It is nearly the end of July and I bask in the abundance of time I have to be still and deepen my roots in this season of ordinary time. I have finished the majority of “to do’s” required to list my Minneapolis house on the market. St Joseph is graciously planted in my yard with deep prayers of invitation to the family called to make a new home where my three children were lovingly tended and nurtured, into a home for those to come. Now I sit peacefully and wait…

Thankfully, I have returned to the world of physical activity and healthy living! It was a tough road back from the bliss of new marriage and honeymooning in Europe, but enough pasta and Guinness for now!! The journey back to physical fitness is graced with new friendships, and a few new aches and pains! I joined the area health club with a very intentional prayer: to meet women with a desire to strengthen the Spirit as part of this journey toward physical well-being.

God did not let me down! A group of wonderful women has begun to form, from varying walks of life and in differing stages on the journey but with a similar commitment: to embrace our physical well-being as an essential component of our Spiritual journey.

I am so very pleased and grateful for these new women and a joyful rejuvenation of physical activities that are very life giving for me! I really love being physically active; running, biking, eating well and am amazed at how easily I stray from that which gives me great comfort and strength. Hence, I begin again—but with a newly forming community for support. I am pleased!

One of my favorite authors, Sue Monk Kidd, co-wrote a book with her daughter, Ann Kidd Taylor called “Traveling with Pomegranates”. I picked the book up yesterday and finished it today—it is one of those “kinds of reads” where it grabs you by the heart and gently tugs at you to finish it. Sue, on the verge of turning 50, travels with daughter Ann, a recent college graduate turning 23, to Greece and subsequently, to France. This book chronicles their individual and entwined stories of beginnings and endings; peppered with sadness and joys but ultimately, beautifully revealing the depth of the connection between a mother and child. It touched me deeply.

Yesterday, I held a three-month-old baby and was blessed to feel her soft skin and witness the pure joy in her smile as she looked in my eyes. A 1 year old sat near, happily eating a snack and a 2 year old cuddled in his moms’ arms.

As I reflect on the circle of life surrounding me, and as I finished Kidd’s book today, I marvel at the blessing we are given—to parent and participate in raising the future. These women and I are at different stages in the parenting journey but the love felt for our children cannot be explained with words, for it is the pure language of the heart.

This peaceful season of ordinary time gives me the continuing opportunity to sit, reflect and offer prayers of gratitude for my life, my children and the abundant blessings in my world.

Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10a

Blissfully, Susan

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def. Bliss: -noun Supreme Happiness, Utter Joy/Contentment; the Joy of Paradise!