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Major Stroke!!  ME!!   Wow...



I am on a journey to embrace my bliss! I seek to live the ABC's of Embracing Your Bliss: Awaken to the Spirit, Bring Joy to Others and Create from the Heart! 

Wow!  Me---the major stroke in Dallas, Texas, September 27, 2014  I'm very grateful and stroke survivor!! 

And ---remembering...

"Susan started her career as a stock broker, migrated to the banking and insurance industry, where she discovered a love of training and organization development.  After completing a Master of Arts degree in Training and Organization Development, she consulted with Fortune 500 companies on a variety of topics, including sales training, team building, mergers and acquisitions, management coaching and development.  Her favorite training roles focused on improving performance, particularly with sales teams and coaching management to develop to their highest potential."

"While consulting with individuals in the corporate world, she discovered a passion for uncovering the inner motivations of her clients--finding that most people have a spiritual core but lack the language and support to fully develop in the corporate model.  She decided to pursue graduate studies at the seminary and completed a Masters of Divinity degree from the Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity in Saint Paul, MN."

Well....Update:  Major Stroke...

She continues to companion people on their spiritual journey as a Chaplain NACC (National Associatin of Catholic Chaplain) is available to lead retreats and workshops, and to consult with individuals or corporations to explore the ABC's of Embracing Your Bliss:  awaken to the spirit, bring joy to others and create from the heart. 

Susan is the proud mother of three grown children, ages 28, 24, and 19! She remarried (11/2010--5 years!) and is enjoying in Butte, Montana with a lot of birds and a beautiful back yard!  She and her husband spend many hours munzees and love being outside, discovering new parks and birds.

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"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls."

Joseph Campbell