4th Sunday of Lent

4th Sunday of Lent

The light! The gospel reading for Sunday is focused on seeing – the blind man is given his sight. Last week, the reading was about water (the woman at the well) and this week about the light (the blind man sees the light). Water and light: two very familiar symbols in many spiritual traditions, and in the Catholic tradition, both essential to the sacraments—but that discussion is for another post!

In the Office of the Readings for today, Origen writes in his homily, “This invites you to keep looking to the east, where the sun of righteousness rises for you, where light is always dawning for you; so that you may never walk in darkness, nor the last day find you in darkness; so that the black night of ignorance may not creep up on you; but that you may always walk in the clear light of knowledge, always have the day-light of faith, and always obtain the light of charity and peace.”

I take for granted that the sun will rise each day in the east and that we will have light. Sometimes it is shrouded in clouds and dimmed by the rain but I always know that the light is there. This is also how I feel about the light of God. In the darkest hour, in the most challenging of situations, there is something in me that believes and deeply knows that the dawn will come; the sun will rise and all will be well. I feel the daylight of faith and pray to walk in the clear light of knowledge, as Origen writes.

Today is Maya Angelou’s birthday and she writes, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” The days roll on and I feel my stories growing and taking on a life of their own but I am reminded that life sometimes requires that I wait. My posts have been less frequent this past week as I attend to some of the pressing issues in my life such as preparing to sell my house—but the stories continue to yearn to be told and the light of God continues to guide my way…

May the light of God continue to guide us all as we make our way into the fourth week of the Lenten season and journey toward longer days of light!

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1. Lucie Johnson wrote:
Yes, the light, and also the opening of a whole new world... So much to learn... new faith, new choices, new ways to relate to others. And in addition, once you see, others treat you differently also.

Mon, April 4, 2011 @ 11:45

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