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Let's explore the
ABC's of bliss:

def. Bliss: -noun 
Supreme Happiness, 

Utter Joy/Contentment; 

the Joy of Paradise!

A Heart Prayer

Give us
A pure heart
That we may see thee,
A humble heart
That we may bear thee,
A heart of love
That we may serve thee,
A heart of faith
That we may live thee.

  Dag Hammarskjold


  • Embracing Your Bliss!

    Hello!  How are you?   Well, I am okay.  September 27, 2014 - Major Stroke.

  • Chaplain Residency: #2 Solitude

    Solitude: the capacity to be alone. Week four of the chaplain residency has just finished. As my husband jovially commented, “Only 48 more weeks to go.” I spent Friday evening at the hospital on call, opting to stay on-site rather than chance the middle of the night wake up.

  • Chaplain Residency: #1 Coincidence

    Chaplain Residency: #1 Coincidence The chaplain residency journey begins and what a beginning it has been! Orientations, trainings, tours, first on-call rotation, meeting new colleagues, hospital staff, units, morning/evening commute—it has been a whirlwind of activity—and I think I have loved virtually every moment AND been more physically tired than I thought possible!!! It is rather miraculous to me that I enjoy being in the hospital setting.

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